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ZER0-POINT Weight Loss Cookbook: Over 100 No-Stress, Tasty Recipes for Effortless Weight Loss without Counting Calories

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The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2024

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Weight Watchers Diabetic and Lifelong Health.Includes a 30-Day Meal Plan Cookbook

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (October 26, 2023)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 102 pages
Author : Julianna Wiggins

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Have you just been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes? Or perhaps you’re searching for the glucose revolution Jessie Inhauspe or the diabetes code? Look no further! Dive into a gastronomic exploration that emphasizes well-being without sidelining flavor with our “Complete Diabetic Cookbook for Beginners”.

Key Highlights:

✅️ Mastering Diabetes Made Simple: Revel in 1800 Days with over 200 recipes of delectable dishes meticulously designed for optimal diabetes management. Every meal becomes a celebration from sunrise breakfasts to fulfilling dinners.
✅️ Low-Sugar & Low-Carbs Recipes: Our recipes ensure you indulge without guilt, aiding in stable blood sugar levels.
✅️ 30-Day Meal Plan: A step-by-step guide easing your transition into a diabetic-friendly lifestyle. Bid farewell to the challenges of meal planning with our diabetic meal planner.
✅️ Live a Healthy Lifestyle: This is not just a cookbook; it’s a holistic lifestyle guide. Flourish in health, vigor, and vitality.

Why This is Your Go-To Diabetic Cookbook:

🍽 The Epitome of Diabetic Cookbooks for Type 2 Diabetes: Exclusively crafted for the newly diagnosed and those easing into a diabetic diet.
🍳 A Comprehensive Guide to Diabetes: From appetizers to desserts, we have it all covered.
🛒 Accessible and Affordable Ingredients: Avoid the hassle of searching for rare items; we prioritize ingredients available at a store near you.
👩👧 Inclusive and Family-Friendly Recipes: Encourage a collective health-driven dining experience with meals that everyone can relish.

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21 reviews for Weight Watchers Diabetic and Lifelong Health.Includes a 30-Day Meal Plan Cookbook

  1. Vanessal

    Love this book! Gave me a wealth of information as well as great quick and simple recipes to use. ❤️

  2. Daphne Rogers

    Book is wonderful and easy to follow

  3. Hannah Morgan

    As a diabetic, it’s been such a help and joy to have a book with recipes that I can try! I’ve made almost everything in this book and a majority of the recipes are so delicious and some I will keep forever. I strongly recommend getting this one!

  4. Diane Blair

    Mom was newly diagnosed & her nutritionist just said use your common sense when eating. This book provides all of the information he should have given her & more! The meal planning, grocery lists & lists of what should be in your pantry & refrigerator are so helpful in addition to the recipes.

  5. Dianne

    Very pleased with this book. I haven’t tried the recipes yet, but the meal plan and recipes look very straightforward with everyday ingredients and simple preparation.

  6. Charles Youngman

    it’s a great book filled with information that is very useful. Still a great book.

  7. Lori

    This book has taught me so much in one combined book, and the recipes are actually awesome. i have made over 1/2 the recipes in book so far and not one has disappointed. i was so lost on portions and carb counting, this book has made my life much easier. to the author……thank you so much. i highly recommend this book, especially for newbees.

  8. Lois Horsley

    I hate cooking and a bunch of new recipes does not thrill me, but this book made it so easy. My husband lost 25 pounds in 1 month. You can follow through knowing what to do for forever meals. The recipes are more than surprisingly good.
    I’ve recommended to friends.

  9. mollyb

    My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes and we were looking for diet ideas that wouldn’t disrupt the whole family. These are real-food recipes that are similar to what I already cook for our family (minus our usual desserts). And they taste good!
    It does take time to plan and prepare for meals when you are working and driving kids around, but the health benefits are worth the effort. These meal plans & recipe ideas help.

  10. Naomi

    So happy with this purchase!! I am a type 2 diabetic and have made several recipes. So far both my husband (not diabetic) and I have loved every one. Easy to prepare and so tasty!!

  11. HannahD

    I bought this book for an elderly friend (age 89) who had just been diagnosed with diabetes. She was so afraid, had no concept of the disease, how to eat, what to eat, when to eat. This book gently guided her. She continues to read it with her caregiver and they have a lot of fun creating recipes from the book. I also bought her a printed list of healthy foods specifically for diabetics.

  12. Laura F.

    This is a good cook book but a little different than I expected.

  13. William smith


  14. Embrace Wisdom

    One of the most balanced recipes and books for carbohydrate balance. Many recipes I’m looking forward to trying. They are full of ingredients that are easy to obtain or I already have. I am type 2 diabetic and the recipes list nutrition count and not ridiculously high in carb count.

  15. alma l.

    Super selection

  16. NJCastillo

    My wife enjoys cooking the many recipes while staying healthy. !

  17. Ja’nay

    As a newly-diagnosed diabetic/pre-diabetic, this cookbook will be an invaluable resource to plan meals and lean on the recipes for healthy eating.

  18. msello

    I like the recipes in this book very doable if you eat an American diet. The only down side is there is very little beef options but maybe that’s a problem for diabetics I don’t know.

  19. Dee Dee

    I have always hated to cook, but being recently diagnosed with Diabetes 2, decided I had better learn to cook good foods that work well with the disease. So glad I ordered this! The recipes seem mostly very easy and even includes some foods I thought I would never get to have again…like chocolate!!! Can’t wait to try them! As I stated earlier, I am soooo glad I ordered this book!

  20. Maely

    My husband and I got this book to keep us from getting diabetes. We have been pleasantly surprised with the recipes so far and love that the meals are planned for 4 weeks out so there is no thought into what we need to make for the day. So far the food we have prepared has been good and we haven’t missed having as much protein in our diet at all. Would love to see if she has additional meal plans available.

  21. Rebecca R

    I just diagnosed myself with a blood glucose monitor after a 12 hour fast. There were other symptoms as well. As many doctor offices are closed, I’m treating this myself right now. I’m exercising daily and changing my diet with the help of this book. I love the shopping guide. As a busy professional, I don’t have time to create meal plans. This book does it for you. People who have high child may wNt to avoid some of the recipes (shrimp, red meat, etc.). Still, there’s plenty of other options to make it worth your purchase.

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